The UCT Department of O&G will launch its inaugural Clinical Skills Upliftment Initiative supported by the Nina Lipshitz Trust, at the 2019 UCT/O&G Refresher Course.

The aim of this initiative is to invest in the advancement of surgical and procedural skills that will have an impact on the improvement of women's health.

This series of workshops will be conducted two days prior to commencement of the Refresher Course. The following exciting workshops will be presented:

For the next few weeks we will be highlighting two workshops per newsletter.

PLEASE REGISTER SOON as several of the workshops have limited numbers due the hands-on nature of the teaching.
Wednesday, 27 November

The lower genital tract is an often-neglected field in Gynaecology. This half day workshop aims to empower attendees with awareness, recognition, diagnosis and management of pathology of the vulva, vagina, cervix and peri-anal area. Colposcopic evaluation will also be covered in detail as a session. The program is led by experts in the lower genital tract disease. All members are accredited by the International Federation of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy (IFCPC) for colposcopic training. Dr Ros Boa is also an accredited Sexual Medicine Practitioner by the European Society of Sexual Medicine [ESSM] and she will provide insight on the impact of lower genital tract pathology and sexuality.

Course convener: Dr Tracey Adams - Gynaecological Oncology subspecialist and senior lecturer, Groote Schuur Hospital, University of Cape Town
Co-chairs: Dr Nomonde Mbatani and Dr Linda Rogers


Session 1: Vulva
Chairs: Linda Rogers and Jennifer Butt

1.1 Vulval Pathology: What should you biopsy? - Dr Linda Rogers
1.2 An Approach to the Patient with Vulval Pain - Dr Katrien De Haeck
1.3 Vulval Cancer Update - Dr Jenny Butt
1.4 Case scenarios

Session 2: Lower Genital Tract Screening
Chair: Dominic Richards

2.1 Understanding Cytology: What the Clinician needs to know - Dr Tony Wu
2.2 HPV Geno-typing - Clearing up the confusion! Prof L. Denny
2.3 Questions

Session 3: Colposcopy of the cervix and vagina
Chairs: Nomonde Mbatani and Mitch De Souza

3.1 Colposcopy and its relevance: is this a dying practice? Pattern Recognition - Nomonde Mbatani
3.2 Colposcopy of the cervix: CIN 1,2,3 - Visual Journey - Dr Dominic Richards
3.3 Micro-Invasion - Dr Nondumiso Ngxola
3.3 Colposcopy of the vagina - Dr K De Haeck
3.4 Challenges in Colposcopy - Tips and tricks - ALL
3.5 Case scenarios - Nomonde Mbatani & Bothwell Guza

Session 4: Multifocal HPV associated disease
Chairs: Tracey Adams and Ros Boa

4.1 Multifocal lower genital tract disease - Tracey Adams
4.2 Sexuality and Lower Genital Tract Disease - Dr Ros Boa (sexual medicine practitioner)
4.3 Q and A

OBSTETRIC ULTRASOUND WORKSHOP (Sponsored by GE, Axim and Philips)
Tuesday, 26 November

This workshop will consist of theoretical lectures in the morning (containing many sonar image examples), followed by hands-on scanning in the afternoon with trained scanners helping delegates to acquire the images to manage the theoretical topics.

Course convener: Dr Zoe Momberg, Fetomaternal Medicine subspecialist and Head of ultrasaound maternity unit GSH


Morning Lectures:
  • An approach to early onset growth restriction: diagnosis & Gratacos stage-based management - Zoe Momberg
  • Amniotic fluid abnormalities - Zoe Momberg
  • How to assess the fetal limbs - avoiding medico-legal troubles
  • A basic approach to the fetal heart for the general O&G - Dr Sonia Barr
  • Twin complications: when to refer to a Fetal Medicine practitioner - Prof Lou Pistorius
Hands on scanning with patients:
  • How to acquire an accurate Umbilical Artery Doppler measurement
  • Assessment of foetal limbs (long bones, feet & hands)
  • Getting the Four Chamber Cardiac View
  • Determining Twin Chorionicity
  • Amniotic fluid assessment


Clinical Skills Upliftment Initiative Workshops will run on Tuesday, 26 November 2019 and Wednesday, 27th November 2019.

Tuesday 26 November 2019-Full Day Workshops
Ultrasound-Obstetrics Venue: Groote Schuur Hospital R 2 500.00
Tuesday 26 November 2019-Half Day Workshops
Contraception (AM) Venue: Groote Schuur Hospital R 500.00
Basic Laparoscopy Skills-Box Simulators (AM) Venue: Red Cross Hospital R 1 000.00
Advanced Laparoscopic Skills-Box Simulators (PM) Venue: Red Cross Hospital R 1 000.00
Urethral Bulking Workshop (PM) Venue: Groote Schuur Hospital R 1 000.00

Combined Ultrasound Workshops: 26 & 27 November 2019
Book both Ultrasound - Obstetrics AND Gynaecology Ultrasound and qualify for a reduced rate of
R400.00 for both workshops

Wednesday 27 November 2019-Full Day Workshops
Hysteroscopy Masterclass Venue: Red Cross Hospital R 1 500.00
Wednesday 27 November 2019-Half Day Workshops
Gynaecology Ultrasound (PM) Venue: Groote Schuur Hospital R 2 500.00
Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury Repair (AM) Venue: Red Cross Hospital R 1 000.00
Lower Genital Tract (AM) Venue: Groote Schuur Hospital R 500.00
Caesarean section: a practical update on stopping the bleeding (PM) Venue: Groote Schuur Hospital R 500.00
Cadaver Workshop- Urogynae (PM) Venue: UCT Anatomy Lab R 1 500.00
Advanced Laparoscopy including Cadaver workshop (AM) Venue: UCT Anatomy Lab R 2 000.00

Sandton Convention Centre
24 - 29 October 2019
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